Once we were happy with the bed frame, a platform and mattress were the next step.

I added 12mm Baltic Birch from Aura Hardwoods as a platform (convenient that it comes in 60”x60” panels, a Queen bed is 60” wide), and a Froli Star system for added comfort, thanks to Accrete’s recommendation among others. This allowed for a cheap 3” Queen foam mattress, so I didn’t feel bad about trimming a bit off the corners and the end to make it fit on the slightly smaller than queen-size platform.

The bed platform with Froli Star works well in the available space, and the springs can be rotated 45 degrees at the corners. We have not yet anchored it, but it works fine.

bed platform

Trimming the mattress was just a matter of unzipping the cover and taking scissors to the foam. At some point I may tidy up the cover so it conforms to the new foam shape, but for now it’s good enough.

foam corner

foam edge

Update 2018-01-07: The mattress did slide slightly overnight during our inaugural voyage, so I added some small guards at the edges from some scrap wood.

mattress guards