At invitation of HarryN from the Sprinter Forum, we drove up to Livermore to check out his new shop. He does some nice work with prepackaged electrical systems, with all components built into a flight case:

  • batteries
  • inverter
  • charger
  • solar charger
  • AC and DC outlets
  • solar panel hookup
  • etc.

Available from his company WirlNet it looks like a very nice system if you want something plug and play, with much more power and better components than a Goal Zero or Inergy Kodiak (Soon to be replaced by Inergy Apex). For our van, the size isn’t ideal, but there may be some alternative orientations which could work better. I’m also somewhat excited about building out my own electrical system, but maybe I’m a bit strange.

WirlNet Flight Case under bed

WirlNet Flight Case

Harry also does full custom installs, including solar panels and has a nice 8020-based solar rack for a Sprinter. He’s very active and helpful on the Sprinter Forum, with many helpful comments about people’s electrical builds.

I’m having enough fun working on a design and parts sourcing for a custom system that we likely won’t buy one, but I think it’s a good option for others, especially if electrical isn’t their forte.