Now that we have a bed, floor and some insulation, the van is usable for overnight trips. My goal was to be ready for an overnight by year-end, and we made it! (albeit barely)

We’re at Mt. Madonna campground for New Year’s Eve in our version 0.1 van.

To the floor/bed/fan, we added:

Since we don’t have any cabinets yet, we used storage bins and racheting tie-down straps to secure everything.

We found that the LED fog light was quite a bit brighter than the other LED, but also consumed 11W. The other LED doesn’t even register on the Goal Zero as consuming power…

Cooking with the induction burner pointed out to me again that the Goal Zero 1000Wh is not sufficient for our requirements. Seven minutes to bring water to a boil, simmer for another few, and that’s 20% capacity down. It’s very nice to be able to cook in the van without a flame though.

Things we’ve learned:

  • Becky needs access to water at night - need a shelf or something beside the bed. Since we’re setting up the bed to be usable in either direction (heads to left or right) that means shelves or counter-top on both sides.
  • windows with stock Promaster tint are completely transparent when it’s dark outside and light inside the van (duh!)
  • The Little Buddy will keep the van comfortably warm in 5C/41F weather with our current partial insulation, but the requirement to light it outside the van, and the need for make-up air makes it less convenient than we’d like.
  • a 13” step stool is necessary for Becky to climb into bed at the current height, and probably also necessary for me to climb over her.
  • the handle I installed at the slider is very useful, but a step at the slider may also be helpful
  • even the partial Thinsulate insulation we have installed does a decent job at sound insulation - lots of people in the campground playing music, and there are fireworks in the distance, but inside the van they’re pretty much inaudible.
  • we’re very happy with the factory swivels, but they definitely need a footrest. We used storage bins on this trip, but I’ll build some permanent storage eventually.

Overall, very happy with the van and build so far.

van interior at night

Side note:

We returned the Camp Chef Basecamp this summer after a two week trip, mainly for poor quality control:

  • one of the burner control knobs stripped within a week
  • regulator behaved inconsistently and needed to be reset by removing and reattaching the propane cylinder

We are much happier so far with the Coleman.