I’ve ordered a toilet and a window for behind the driver, but haven’t decided how to lay out the rest of the van yet. CAD to the rescue!

(Building a full scale mock-up is sometimes called “Cardboard Aided Design” - I’m doing a more advanced version “Coroplast Aided Design” using plastic sign-board rather than cardboard). This was a big help in going from rough sketches to something my wife and I think is workable, at least as a first version.

We’ve got an Air Head composting toilet on its way, and will initially install it in a low box on the passenger side. The kitchen is going on the driver’s side.

The kitchen will have drawers closest to the bed, and a sink with 2-jug water system (fresh/grey) in the middle. The Engel fridge will be on a slider, with ventilation at the back so it doesn’t overheat.


The window shown (drawn on cardboard) is a Tern Overland Eurovision awning window 450mm x 1100mm. It should fit nicely in the location shown (I hope), when it arrives in February.

I’m planning a fold-out table for eating and laptop use on the driver’s side.

fold-out table

For the passenger swivel, I’m looking at a Lagun swivel on the passenger B-pillar similar to this Transit

I’ve also got a Webasto Air Top on order, and with the factory swivels there isn’t enough room in the seat base to mount it there, so I’m thinking I’ll do something similar to what RD did with his Espar. I like MsNomer’s layout too (build thread, website with pictures), but I’m trying to keep the area under the bed clear for now, since I need room for gear storage (bikes, skis, etc) and future electrical and water expansion.

Comments and suggestions welcome.