I can’t remember where I saw the recommendation for this front windshield and window cover, but it’s great.

It’s white, and goes on the outside of the glass so no heat transmission through the glass to an inside cover, and the sides have roll-down covers and screens. Not necessary for cooler weather, but this will be excellent in the summer heat. Fits the Promaster very nicely, with a combination of fabric pockets at the top rear of the doors, velcro under the mirrors and magnets at the bottom rear of the doors.

windshield cover in place

I also received my Webasto AirTop 2000 STC heater shipment from Heaters4You in Russia - almost perfect condition, other than a few dents in the air intake piping from bouncing around in the box.

Webasto box

This appears cosmetic only, and it will be hidden under the van, so I’m not too concerned.

Webasto damaged pipe

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but it appears everything is in good order. I also received my Dorman 800-123 connectors, and found it was very tough to put the 5 mm I.D. sleeve over the barb connector. I first tried a heat gun and didn’t get much other than slightly blistered fingers. Following Roblee’s suggestion I tried boiling water, and that worked better, but I still didn’t get the sleeve all the way on. Anyway, I’ll leave the heater for later - it won’t be needed for a few months.

Update: I later decided to search for a better-fitting Dorman connector, and found the Dorman 800-186 which uses a 6 mm barb and the same connector as the 800-123 for the Promaster tank fitting. Much easier to fit the 5 mm I.D fuel hose over the 6 mm barbs than the 516” (almost 8 mm) barbs of the 800-123 or 800-081.