Rather than deciding on a final floor for the van, I decided on some cheap 14” Maple plywood from Lowes and remaindered paint. That will let me build a template floor and test it out before deciding on a final floor.

That was positive, but I also learned that TechShop closed its doors on Nov 15, and that means no more CNC access as well as no drill press, table saw, panel saw, table router, bandsaw, milling machine etc. This means I need to dramatically simplify our build, and reduce the tool requirements.

I can get away without most of these, but based on previous experience, using a circular saw to rip exact and clean cuts in plywood is an exercise in frustration. I’ve ordered a Track Saw, and we’ll see if that is sufficient for my needs. Based on other people’s reports, a track saw and associated track definitely can give the precision I need. Based on several reviews I decided on the Makita 6000 - I couldn’t justify the premium for the Festool, as nice as it looked.

track saw first try