My plan for the floor is to build something completely removable. Many people will glue down their floor to ensure it’s secure, but I’ve decided to anchor the floor only at the 8 lashing points. Simple and easy to change out later if needed.

After much fiddling with Fusion 360 and the Shopbot Alpha over the past month, I got my designs and g-code working well enough to cut all the floor pieces. Fun, but a steep learning curve. I finally figured out that I could run the feed rate much higher than default, which improved throughput greatly. Some frustrations with Fusion 360 not doing what I’d expect, but mostly it has been really useful.

I discovered that the San Jose Techshop has a loading dock, which is useful for dropping off and picking things up in the van. Now it’s 1 am, but I have all the polyiso cut for the floor, and verified that most of it fits.

Overall, if I were to do it again, I’d just sacrifice the 38” and lay 1” polyiso directly on the corrugations. Had I gone that route, I would have had the polyiso installed 3 weeks ago, and be moving on to the plywood.

Routed Channels in Polyiso